• Carl Jung, Psychologist, 1875 - 1961

    The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it

  • Ayn Rand, Novelist, 1905 - 1982

    Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of ones values

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Values are hot stuff they

      • provide us with our sense of meaning
      • power the engine of our motivations
      • are intimately interwoven with our sense of self
      • ignite our passions and connect us to purpose
      • typically sit in the unconscious making them tricky to work with

       and this is true of each one of us, every group and all organisations

       It is time to become more value-able.....we can help you do just that.


 "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"

                                                    Mahatma Ghandi 1869-1948


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