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"The Top 10 Values - allowing you to see yourself in such a structured manner"


"very interesting and thought provoking"


"Excellent delivery - presentation style easy/relaxed/knowledgeable"

  • Tara Bennet Goleman

    Just as diamond is coal transformed, so clear awareness can arise from our confusion.

  • Ayn Rand, Novelist, 1905 - 1982

    Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of ones values

  • Norman Thomas, 1864 - 1968

    The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values

  • Albert Camus, 1913 - 1960

    If, after all, men cannot always make history have meaning, they can always act so their own lives have one.


Magic & Moments

That’s it then.

Another year done, dusted and packed away with assorted baubles, festive lights and tinsel garlands: would you say it was a good one?

That can be a hard question to answer. For certain every year has its moments some of which may be easier to recall than others. Some moments may have been filled with magic while others were perhaps more of the mayhem variety.


Magic MomentsThink about a magic moment. For me that might be taking my parents and children to the glorious open air theatre in Chester this summer. Or it could be working with someone, on their future planning using their values profile as a frame of reference for evaluating options, at the point that the penny drops and they look up to say ‘this is so clever’.......

Magic is thought of as a power that invisibly (or supernaturally) influences the outcome of events.

In physics a moment is the turning force that acts upon the fixed point of an object and in so doing causes it to turn.

Consciously connecting with your personal priority values can enable you to see the magic and make the most of the moments 2015 has to offer so why not give it a try?

For more on the idea of magic moments you are welcome to take a look at my guest blog post for Totem Consulting http://totem-consulting.com/magic-moments/

The Diamond Hidden Within Us



Diamonds. Strongest, hardest, and the most highly prized crystal to be found anywhere.

Diamonds and the Magma Effect™. A dynamic relationship exists between diamonds and magma