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  • Tara Bennet Goleman

    Just as diamond is coal transformed, so clear awareness can arise from our confusion.

  • Ayn Rand, Novelist, 1905 - 1982

    Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of ones values

  • Norman Thomas, 1864 - 1968

    The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values

  • Albert Camus, 1913 - 1960

    If, after all, men cannot always make history have meaning, they can always act so their own lives have one.


Empathy - that's just soft right?

Wrong. Empathy is hard.

For you and I to be empathetic we have to suspend judgement. We have to let go of finding a fix for the others frustration or pinpointing the cause of their confusion. In that moment we have to open our hearts as well as our ears and eyes to the reality that the world is not wholly as we thought it was – and that is hard.

Empathy matters because it builds connection between people. Empathy can help healing and it can open doors to a different way forward. Dr Brené Brown has carried out lots of good research in this field and has a great short film on YouTube that is well worth 3 minutes of your time.

In the Minessence Values Framework (MVF) Empathy sits in the Self Actualisation cluster of values and is described simply as ‘to deeply relate with others in such a way that they feel understood’. Since 1988 the database behind the MVF has collected information about the relative shared priority placed upon 128 different and distinct human values by the people who use the AVI values profiling tool. Following the assault on the Twin Towers in September 2001 the Empathy value underwent a significant spike in attention jumping over 30% higher in collective importance than in previous years while values such as Creativity and Generosity took quite a fall.

It will be interesting to learn in due course how the terrible events in Paris last year and more recent violence in beautiful places may shape the values that people hold most dear. For my part I hope Empathy can ride high in these days closely followed by Creativity and Generosity as they could well help us all conceive of a world that is better than the one we had before.

The Diamond Hidden Within Us



Diamonds. Strongest, hardest, and the most highly prized crystal to be found anywhere.

Diamonds and the Magma Effect™. A dynamic relationship exists between diamonds and magma