Values are universal - we all have them

Each of us has our own unique personal pattern of priority values. Values are big, emotionally rich ideas that help us make sense of the world and our place in that world. Our values give rise to our choices and our behaviours. Our values shape how we feel about, respond and rise to both our daily life and our ultimate grand plan.

There are no good or bad values. Each value shows up to serve: to help us withstand or resolve something, to strengthen our relationships with others or our sense of connection with our own skills and talents .

Conscious connection with values has measurable positive impacts. Connection can increase innovation, productivity, trust, confidence and courage while reducing the harmful effects of stress and fear.

Values are hot stuff!

Been hearing lots of folk say they miss the unstructured 'chat' that used to happen in the breaks at #events...
Bryony Croft and I thought let's try an informal monthly thing for UK Values Alliance current & potential members

Hello people born between 1976 and 1983, the Xennials if you will. I am writing an essay about generational trends and lifelong political attitudes. If you are within this age group and have strong memories of the 1996-8 political shift, would you like to talk about it with me?

Shocking fact that only *one* river has an area designated as bathing water. Just 14% of English rivers meet good ecological status & not one river had good chemical status. Our outdated, underfunded & inadequate laws & monitoring urgently need overhaul

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