At their simplest values are those things we want to have in our lives so much that we put them above other things.

So if I was a person who placed high value on looking great I might well spend a pay rise on a new outfit whereas someone else who valued excitement might spend it on water skiing lessons.

In 1979 Rokeach defined values as “abstract ideas” that represent a person’s beliefs about modes of conduct or ideal end states, but are not associated with any particular object or situation. Schwartz (1992) suggested that values represent concepts or beliefs about desirable end-states or behaviours that transcend specific situations, guide selection, or evaluation of behaviour and events, and are ordered by relative importance.

Michael Henderson a corporate anthropologist, says that values are simply “the sum of our preferences and priorities” (2003). Preferences are what we would rather have in our lives than do without. Priorities indicate how important each preference is in relation to another.

In their natural state our values sit in our unconscious. They do a good job there, helping us find meaning and motivate ourselves to get things done. It is difficult, however, to deliberately use your values to drive your life at work or home if you don’t ‘know’ what your values are.

Working with a leading online values profiling tool we can use the Minessence Values Framework to explore the values that matter most to individuals, groups and even whole organisations. There are 128 distinct and different values in the framework and each of us has a unique values profile which illuminates why some things we love while others move us to anger or frustration.

Working with the tool is not quick and will take at least 30 minutes. If you would like to take a look click here

When you have finished you can decide if you would like to purchase a copy of your profile report. Prices start at GBP £25

Thinking about going deeper?

You have a choice of Minessence Group licensed values practitioners including:

Jackie has been practicing with the MVI since 2005. She works directly with clients and licences others to draw upon the framework. Jackie contributes articles to LinkedIn and writes on the topic of research and values on her Blog

I've just signed @friends_earth's open letter asking Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall and the Church Commissioners to grow more trees on their land to tackle the nature and #ClimateCrisis. Will you add your name too? #woodland

Been thinking a lot about this.

Are we really saying we’re all comfortable with giving the highest-paid £50 off their restaurant bills but not giving the lowest-paid any access to statutory sick pay nor help to self-isolate?

Don’t know about you but I’m not.


Jeremy Hunt@Jeremy_Hunt

Delicious lunch at the White Horse in Hascombe - thanks to Paul and Sorrel Morganti and their great team and of course to ⁦@RishiSunak!⁩ #EatOutToHelpOut 3

Since Johnson won't, Sturgeon now speaks for the UK. A COVID elimination strategy has to be a four nations strategy, unless we want to create internal barriers to movement. The PM is holding us all back and (ironically, given his professed intentions) acting to break up Britain.

Devi Sridhar@devisridhar

Scottish press briefing: FM Sturgeon pushing for a 4 nation (England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland) agreement on COVID-19 ‘elimination’ strategy to stop community transmission, drive #s low & have strongest basis to rebuild economy. @GabrielScally

I am looking for businesses doing something really unusual during covid, maybe to support staff or customers, or build back. Hard to describe what I am looking for - I want to be surprised. Get in touch if you're doing something genuinely new and thanks in advance #journorequest

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