Magma Effect Privacy Notice

Our website uses cookies and a third party service (for analytics) to understand which pages and what sorts of information are interesting to people but we do not collect personal information here or share any information from the website with other organisations.

If you contact us via email we will save your email address in order to reply. We do an annual spring clean of stored email addresses and delete ones not associated with ongoing relationships. You can ask us to remove your address from our system at any time contact

We do not share email addresses or any other form of personal information with any other parties without specific permission for example if you ask Jackie where the nearest Minessence Values Framework practitioner is to your base of operations she will give you an idea of location and then check whether you would like your contact information shared with that practitioner.

We do not produce a newsletter or any other form of general marketing communications. We do publish articles and thoughts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogspot and you are very welcome to connect with us there.

In the case of personal values profile information this is securely stored by The Minessence International Cooperative for the purposes of being able to supply named individuals with their personal profile reports. This information is not shared with any other parties.