Values in organisations

Organisations are complex. Yet at the centre of every culture are just a handful of values and beliefs forming the axis around which the rest of the wheel turns. Popular approaches to stating core values include surveys inviting employees to suggest or pick from lists of words, often followed by polls or some other form of vote for the most popular. Unfortunately, as human beings our expression is limited by the ideas we already have and we are vulnerable to trying to give what we think is the “right” answer rather than the “real” answer (researchers call this social desirability bias).

We explore values differently.

Thinking and Talking

Every person, partnership, team and organisation has some values which matter more than other values. These values tend to sit in the unconscious influencing decisions and driving behaviour. By reflecting on our sense of things that go well and things that maybe do not go so well, beliefs and assumptions that point to what is truly valued can be uncovered.

We use conversation and structured facilitation to identify and refine the big ideas that already matter to people. Then we explore what those people most want to create inside and outside their organisation. Where past experience, present practice and future ambition connect, powerful shared values which actually matter can be identified.


We invite everyone to share stories of ‘us at our best” and ‘why I stay’. These free form narratives (no tick boxes in sight) are analysed using ValScan™ an online tool which draws upon the Minessence Values Framework. The tool identifies the highest priority values behind staff retention and the highest priority values lived when the work is at its most engaging.

With this insight we support organisations to distil their unique core values from the lived experience of their people and what matters most to them. Parrs Wood Case Study

Mapping & Tracking

As abstract ideas which sit in our unconscious, values are challenging to explore. Each of us has our own unique pattern of priority values and when we join a group we seek alignment between our values and values common to the other members of the team, department or partnership. We can map and track these values using the Minessence Values Inventory.

Healthy constructive relationships within the group are vital to effective performance. Conscious connection with priority values, both individually and collectively, can increase resilience, buffer against stress and increase creativity. Values insight gives us a fresh neutral language for appreciating and celebrating difference whilst finding common ground.

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