Every human being matters.

Deep down each of us has big ideas about which we are passionate, which inspire us, which are the sparkling jewel at the centre of our sense of self – a bit like a diamond.

Trouble is this diamond can lie hidden: covered by layers of routine, duties at home and at work – everyday stuff that clouds our vision and saps our energy.

In nature diamonds form far underground in conditions of extreme pressure and heat. In these rocks they are way too deep to be mined by people but then along comes magma – molten rock that wells up from close to the earths core and forcing its way up towards the surface. Sometimes it erupts through volcanos and sometimes it doesn’t get that far and cools while still underground.

As it flows, the magma passes through the deep diamond fields, picking up gem rich rock and then depositing it in kimberlite pipes. From here the diamonds can be mined, refined and shined – something that wouldn’t have been possible without the effect of the magma.

Our Magma Effect™ works rather like that. We create opportunities, conversations and activities that connect with the values hidden deep inside people and surface them to a level from which any one with a mind to can define, refine and shine these very personal drivers of meaning and motivation. The process makes people more “value able” and in turn, potentially more valuable both to themselves and their peers.

If you are of a mind to mine for your values we recommend leading values profiling tool the Minessence Values Inventory. It will take you at least 30 minutes to work through all 128 possible values and arrive at the core of what matters most to you right now. Profile reports start from GBP £25.

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I agree holding out for the romance of loving work more than life not helpful. I do advocate seeking work that aligns with some of your priority #values - a route to experiencing work as worthwhile over + above money. Sticking to work/a workplace you hate is bad for our health 😡

Financial Times@FinancialTimes

Why you should ditch ‘follow your passion’ careers advice https://www.ft.com/content/a583d084-4b61-4527-85dd-ef5324ec0158?segmentID=635a35f9-12b4-dbf5-9fe6-6b8e6ffb143e

I am thinking of writing a blog about starting a trusteeship during lockdown? Is anyone a new trustee who joined their board in lockdown? What have you found hard? what are your top tips for getting this right? Message me if you are happy to share.

Staff are giving everything they have to protect patients right now. It's so brutal, so exhausting, our hospitals awash with suffering. Please read & please - above all - stay at home, keep safe. We have pregnant women in their 20s in ICUs. Stay home 🙏

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