Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation

We believe that human beings are remarkable.

We believe that inside every individual there is crystal clarity about what really matters and makes for a meaningful life.

Based on our own first hand experience, we also believe that a values conscious, values aligned life makes the best use of the skills, talents, hopes and dreams each of us hold dear.

Our purpose is to create insight for meaning and motivation.

We value:

Discovery — increasing understanding by being open to what lies under or within that which can be seen easily

Simplicity — miniaturising complexity to arrive at practical, positive, energising solutions

Articulation — finding words to express ideas and insights that resonate and make coherent connections to practical application

We harness value for insight through:







Organisational mapping

NHS staff have rightly received a lot of praise over the past two years, but we know there are millions of others who have been incredible

Huge thanks to all the carers, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, shop workers, delivery workers, transport workers and many more


Funded - yes FUNDED - #phd opportunities to generate new knowledge to support the #voluntary and #community sector - one of them even works with the completely brilliant Pilotlight and you would get to meet @edmayo1 and Jonas Fathy which is just the icing…https://lnkd.in/eps5ris2

We will never forget the 1,500 health and care staff who lost their lives in the fight against Covid.

Please RT if you won't either.


Are there any illustrators who would be able to make me a 3 frame comic strip?

Sadly my artistic talents are musical only with the exception of the occasional unicorn (which my daughter describes as 'quite good dad?')

Paid obvs.

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